Yitzhak Shamir Figurine

This 3D action figure is a miniature replica of Yitzhak Shamir (1915-2012) Lehi Commander, senior Mossad official, Minister, and the 7th Prime Minister of Israel. Born in Belarus, joined the Betar movement at the age of 14 and immigrated to Israel in 1935. In 1937 he joined the Irgun and in 1940 the Lehi, was twice arrested by the British and managed to escape. In 1955 he was recruited to the Mossad, where he served in senior positions. In 1973 he was elected to the Knesset on behalf of the Likud, and in 1983 was elected to lead it, and served as Prime Minister of Israel. During his tenure, he initiated Operation Solomon to airlift Ethiopian Jews to Israel and worked hard to absorb and bring Jews from the USSR. In 2001, Shamir was awarded the Israel Prize for his special contribution to society and the state of Israel.


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