Shaul Tchernichovsky Figurine

This 3D action figure is a miniature replica of Shaul Tchernichovsky (1875-1943): Doctor, translator and Hebrew poet. Born in Ukraine. At age 17, he began publishing his poems in Hebrew journals. From 1899 to 1906 he studied medicine and natural sciences, both in Germany and Switzerland, and at the outbreak of WWI served as a physician in the Russian army. In the post-war years, he translated Greek masterpieces into Hebrew, as well as writing Zionist poems. In 1931 he was invited by the “Hebrew Language Committee” to edit the book of terms for medicine and the natural sciences, which allowed his immigration to Israel. Tchernichovsky was the “Bialik Prize” winner for 1941, and an honorary citizen of Tel Aviv, which established the “Tchernichovsky Prize” for exemplary translations. He will be remembered as a great contributor to the Hebrew language and one of the greatest Hebrew poets of all time.


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