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Leah Goldberg (1970-1911) Poet, writer, translator, professor of literary studies, journalist and bride of the Israel Prize for Literature. Born in Russia and educated at the Hebrew Gymnasium in the city of Kaunas (Lithuania), where she also taught literature. She studied philosophy and Semitic languages​ at various universities in Europe. Upon immigrating to Israel (1935), she joined the circle of Hebrew poets "Yachdav" and published her first book of poems, "Taba'ot Ashan”. Over the years she has written works for children (”Dira Lehaskir”, “Pizmon Layakinton”), published many books and poems (”At Telchi Basade”, “Yamim Levanim”), translated classic works into Hebrew, wrote plays and literary reviews. She established and managed the Department of Comparative Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1953 until her death in 1970). Goldberg's works have become Inalienable assets in the Hebrew and Israeli culture - both in literature and in music.


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