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Henrietta Szold (1860-1945) A Zionist leader,  activist, social worker and educator. Founder of the American organization "Hadassah", which assists Jews in the fields of welfare, health and education. Born in Baltimore, USA. She taught Bible, Hebrew and Jewish history in her father's synagogue. Szold worked for Zionist welfare organizations, wrote in newspapers and stood out in her welfare activites. During a visit to Israel (1909) she was exposed to the difficult conditions in the country, and as a result she founded the "Hadassah" organization (1912) which established the modern health and welfare system in Israel. In addition, she established the first school of nursing. In the 1930s, she headed the "Aliyat Hanoar" organization that helped German Jewish youth to immigrate to Israel. She was called 'Mother of the Children', and therefore Mother's Day in Israel is celebrated on the date on which she died.


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