Haim Nachman Bialik Figurine

This 3D action figure is a miniature replica of Haim Nachman Bialik (1873-1934)- Writer, poet, translator, editor and publisher, who earned the title "The National Poet". Born in Radi, Ukraine. At the age of 19 he left the yeshiva where he studied and moved to Odessa, which was a center for Hebrew and Zionist culture. In 1902 he founded the “Moriah” publishing house, with the aim of publishing Hebrew textbooks. In 1903 he was sent to document the Kishinev pogroms’ aftermath. Under their influence he wrote the poem "In the City of Slaughter” and began the "Gathering" of Hebrew literature, in order to create a Jewish-Hebrew canon. In 1924 he moved to Israel and settled in Tel -Aviv. He was the chairman of the “Writers Association” and act as a Zionist envoy, both in fundraising and disseminating Hebrew culture. Bialik will be remembered as one of the greatest Hebrew poets of the modern era, and who has had a great influence on modern Hebrew culture.


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