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Sarah Aaronsohn Figurine

Sarah Aaronsohn Figurine

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Sarah Aaronsohn (1917-1890) A fighter, a spy, and one of the leaders of the underground-spy ring 'Nili'. During the Ottoman rule and WW1 she fought for establish an independent Jewish sovereignty in Israel. She was born and lived in Zichron Yaacov. Her parents, Zichron-Yaacov colony founders, immigrated to Israel from Romania as part of the 'Hovevei Zion' group. She studied egronomics and botany, and also ran an agricultural farm in Atlit. In the midst of WWI (1915) she witnessed the Armenian genocide by the Turks, which motivated her to help the British to conquer Israel. After the death of Avshalom Feinberg she led the operations of the 'Nili' spy ring. When the underground was exposed by the Turks, Sarah refused to escape the country without her friends. She was captured in Zichron-Yaacov, tortured and finally committed suicide in order not to expose members of the underground.

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